Two Bottles of Champagne

26440403342_38648c2940_bI have two bottles of champagne in the fridge.

They have been there since election night, 2016. They were supposed to be used to celebrate the election of the first woman president in United States history.

Now they are being saved for the day that this hideous, offensive monstrosity either resigns or is incarcerated.

Today, one of his own people, Ambassador Sondland, who essentially purchased his job in the Trump administration with a million dollar payment, declared with no uncertainty that not only did Trump demand a quid pro quo, but also that “everyone” was in the loop on it.


That is a T-shirt I want: Everyone Was In The Loop!

This brings us one step closer to the impeachment of the President of the United States. This is not an act to take lightly. It is an embarrassment to the country, and affects our standing in the world. But it must be done.

Why? Because this husk of a human has insisted on behaving criminally since he took office. He has already paid out $25 million for his fraudulent university, and $2 million for misusing his charity in a “shocking pattern of illegality,” has continued to operate in the only way that he apparently knows how to: by running the United States like a mob boss would run a syndicate. He even, at one point, characterized New York crime families as “very nice people.”

He has an unfathomable ability to take the wrong side on virtually every issue.


Trump has relentlessly and voraciously lied to the American People, ever since infesting the West Wing. His current total, as of a month ago, is 13,435 verified false or misleading claims so far. The man is a serial liar.

He has committed Obstruction of Justice from the beginning of his term, outlined by 10 examples in the Mueller Report, and has continued to do so by forbidding members of his administration from testifying before the House.

He has engaged real time witness tampering and witness intimidation during a witness’ testimony in the impeachment hearings, and continues to do so via his official Twitter account.


And we seem to have long forgotten about the 25 women that have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

He continues a pattern of praising dictators for their ruthless behavior against their citizens, and attacking our long-time allies.

He insists on violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by doing business in his own properties, and directing others – including foreign leaders – to stay at his hotels. Members of his family were given “jobs” in this administration without proper security clearances, and have profited massively from this connection in a grotesque and highly questionable practice of nepotism on steroids.


Racism and white nationalism? You bet. That hasn’t changed.


I am hyperlinking the hell out of this because these are not just random, rash claims. These are actions, committed by the man soiling our White House, that have been researched and verified by legitimate news organizations. This isn’t rumor, or partisan conspiracy theories. These are facts.

Anyone, at this point, who thinks Trump is operating legally, above board, and in the United States’ best interest at this point, is willfully and ignorantly ignoring the ugly truth about this defective human being. He is simply incapable of operating within the law; he is only in the Oval Office to enrich himself and his family, and lacks one of the most fundamental requirements of the Presidency: a sense of decency, compassion and empathy.

The Republicans will have a major “Come To Jesus” moment very soon. This imposter is dragging their party down into the gutter. Countless representatives have resigned rather than continue under a Trump-controlled party.

The GOP continues to fight for him, as long as they think he will remain in power, and therefore let them remain in power. But with every revelation of his chicanery and duplicity, they find themselves with diminishing returns.

Never has this been more apparent than in these impeachment proceedings, when the Republicans have been reduced to constantly yelling at people in the chambers, and changing story of “no quid pro quo” to “it doesn’t matter if there was” to “everybody does quid pro quo” completely ignoring the fact that this instance was bribery and extortion to demand a foreign nation to investigate a private citizen for the purpose of attacking a political opponent.


Their strategy is to attempt to impugn the process, spouting bizarre conspiracy theories, and demeaning the witnesses – even if it means attacking career soldiers with Purple Hearts like Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

It is disgusting behavior. It is beneath any representative of the United States of America.

That is why I keep those two bottles chilled in the fridge. Because one day soon the will of The People, who voted for the woman by nearly 3 million votes, will be heard.

And on that day, you will hear the pop of the corks across the country.


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